how effective have the government policies been in addressing job security for teachers in pakistan

The effectiveness of government policies in addressing job security for teachers in Pakistan has been limited due to various factors. Despite some improvements in compensation and remuneration, the absence of appropriate incentives, such as adequate promotion opportunities, undermines teacher performance.

The implementation of new teacher promotion policies, like the one introduced in Punjab Province in 2010, has been slow, with seniority still playing a significant role in determining promotions.

Additionally, the lack of a merit-based system for linking teacher promotion and career progression to teaching efficacy rather than seniority or social connections is a challenge. 

The performance appraisal mechanism for teachers also needs to be strengthened and linked to career progression. While some policies, like the teacher rationalization policy in Punjab and Sindh, aim to improve teacher deployment and distribution, their implementation has not been fully prioritized and completed. 

Similarly, initiatives to strengthen accountability and enhance teacher performance, such as hiring locally based teachers and introducing penalties for tardiness and absenteeism, have shown mixed results.

Overall, while some progress has been made in addressing job security for teachers in Pakistan, there is still a need for more effective policies and their full implementation to significantly improve the situation.