Paint Coverage and Paint Calculator

The most important question that people ask when they are painting their house is about the coverage of paint. Every type of paint has different coverage as it depends upon paint type, sheen level and nature of surface. Generally, paint coverage is defined as

” The number of square feet or square meters that can be painted with one litre of paint. “

Calculation for paint coverage is based on the spreading rate of the paint and the amount of paint needed to achieve full coverage. The spreading rate is how quickly or slowly the paint spreads out when it’s being applied.

Typical coverage of various types of paints are mentioned in the table

Paint TypeQuantity ( Litre )Coverage (square feet )
Emulsion / Super Emulsion01 Litre110 -125
Plastic Emulsion01 Litre150 -175
Water Matt / Washable01 Litre200 – 225

Paint Calculator :

Hence for a room having 10 feet hight and dimentions of 15×12 feet, area of the ceiling would be 12×15 = 180 square feet

For area of the walls, 10 x ( 12+15+12+15 ) = 540 square feet

Total Area for the room would be 540 + 180 = 720 square feet.

Now if this room has 02 doors each of size 7 x 4 = 28 sq.ft. and 7 x 2.5 = 17.5 and a window of size 6 x 7 = 42 sq. ft, then the actual area to be painted in this room would be as follows

720 – ( 28 + 17.5 + 42 ) = 632.5 square feet

Therefore, considering average of each paint type, required quantity of paint for this size of room ould be

Paint TypeArea ( squarefeet )Quantity ( Litres )
Emulsion / Super Emulsion632.55.38
Plastic Emulsion632.53.89
Water Matt / Washable632.52.97

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