“Access to Education in Pakistan: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide”

“Access to Education in Pakistan: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide”

Access to education in Pakistan, particularly in rural areas, faces significant challenges, especially for girls. In rural Sindh, seven out of ten girls are excluded from schooling due to various economic and social factors.

The disparity between urban and rural education is evident, with the closure of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic widening the educational divide.

In addressing these issues, a holistic education policy is crucial to bridge the opportunity gap for girls in rural Pakistan. This policy should adopt a multi-sectoral approach for inclusive education, design more inclusive classroom experiences, and augment teacher training for inclusivity.

Moreover, initiatives like solar-powered internet connectivity are emerging to bridge the digital divide in rural areas, enabling access to online educational resources and empowering communities

Efforts are needed to overcome challenges such as limited infrastructure, lack of electricity, financial constraints, and the education divide to ensure equitable access to education in Pakistan.